Yellowstone Animals

Lots of animals in Yellowstone - to heck with all the signs that tell you that they are dangerous! I only got mildly hurt by one.

Bison (a.k.a. Buffalo) are currently the default large mammal in the park at the moment. Most of the Bison I ran across were bulls, either alone or in small groups

You could always count of finding a Bison or two, it was just finding one in good light and not completely covered with dirt and such that was tough

I managed to scrounge up a few Coyote shots. This one, unfortunately attacked me (more to follow)

Just plain cranky with nasty sharp teeth

I managed to target a couple of small herds of Elk during the rut and tried to meet up with them every day or two

I got about a zillion photos of this group of elk. This is one of the ladies relaxing by the Madison River

Big old bull Elk bugling - a very cool experience

Bull and cow Elk thinking about getting it on

More bugling. There was lots of that and sniffing about

Bull elk from another herd taking a dip in the Gibbon River

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I WANTED to see this woman get taken apart by this rutting bull (well, maybe a little), I just wanted to be ready when it happened

Nothing like trying to use a pocket camera to get a shot of a dangerous, hormone pumped animal that you just cut off from the rest of his harem. I think he would have tossed her around like a rag doll. Maybe next time

Bit of a far shot of a Black Bear that caused a major traffic jam

Least Chipmunks were all over, but tended to get nutty when they were in good light

Bull Moose trying to get the velvet off of his antlers. The light was really bad, but it was cool to watch him work the dying skin off.

Pika - sort of a cross between a hamster and a bunny - way cute little buggers

Pronghorn Antelope lounging in the sun

Click here or on photo to read about my run-in with a Coyote