While in Yellowstone, I had a run-in with a nasty coyote that attacked me and stole my favorite hat. Good news - I wasn't bitten and avoided rabies shots. Bad news - I lost my hat and got some REALLY nasty bruises when I fell on some rocks trying to get away from the mutt. Good news - I wrote to the company that I bought the hat from. They replaced it in less than a week and featured me in there blog.

Click here to read the story on their site

As the coyote approached, it seemed to be watching me out of the corner of his eye until it turned suddenly and jumped at me. I pushed it down with my camera to avoid being bitten

Unfortunately, I fell to the ground very hard and tried to cover up to avoid being bitten. I was surprised to look up and see the mutt with my favorite hat in his mouth

I managed to grab my camera (and my senses) and got a few shots as the mangy dingo ran off with my hat.

After eating parts of my hat and burying it in his den, it came back to try to further intimidate me. Realizing that it was only a bit larger than a house cat, I figured I would kick the crap out of it if it came any closer

A couple of howls and growls later and the creature ran off. I went up on the hill to look for my hat, but I found a hole that was too deep to see the hat