Coyotes (Canis letrans)

The Eastern Coyote is of mixed heritage between Wolves and Western Coyotes. As such, they are larger (weighing as much as 50 pounds) than their western cousins (see below). The photo below is of a female Eastern Coyote in New Jersey. She has some mange, which was successfully treated by leaving out medicated food over a period of several weeks. Eastern Coyotes tend to be more nocturnal than their western cousins are are seen far less often, even in areas where they live. The female below lives in my yard, but is only seen a few times each year, although her tracks are often found, especially after a snowfall.


The Western Coyote is found primarily west of the Mississippi River and is far more common in open areas such as deserts, grasslands and plains. They are smaller than the Eastern Coyote (up to 40 pounds). Locations of the animals below are indicated before each series of shots.

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Central California:

Northern California: