Tree Swallows

I custom-built this birdhouse for the purpose of taking photos of the baby birds. The box is mounted on a pole that can be turned to catch the sun at any time of day. The overhang on the box is designed to minimize the shadows on the subjects.
I found that it was pretty easy to time the shots where the parents feed the babies. Just watch the birds and they scream when the parents get close.

Here comes Dad. Baby opens wide and Dad comes in to drive the bug home.

Landing gear down - this looks like it's going to hurt.

Notice that the parent closes his eyes when he comes in. Baby birds have sharp beaks, especially at about 25 miles an hour.

It was getting pretty crowded around the opening, so I decided that I needed to swap out the front of the box for a board with a wider hole.

In this case, Mom flew by, but didn't stop with anything for them to eat.


Now, when Dad comes in with a meal, he has a choice to make.

Which one to feed? Which one to disappoint?

At least there is some place for Dad to land this time

I guess you can't make everybody happy!